Jacqui Stanley

Jacqui Stanley

Senior Property Manager

Jacqui Stanley, Senior Property Manager

Dealing with Jacqui is like a breath of fresh air! In business how often do you meet such a down to earth and sensible person with very clear and organised systems that have been developed over 27 years of property management experience?

Immediately her clients relax and know they are in very capable hands and that Jacqui will sort out any issues pertaining to their property with a minimum of fuss and efficiency.

Jacqui’s great strength is clear and effective communication via both phone and email. She believes there is no point in communication if it is not effective and then followed through. This is the key to her success and both her landlords and tenants appreciate her super efficiency.

She has a very good diary system so if she tells you she will contact you in 6 months then she certainly will.

Consequently her rent arrears and routine twice yearly inspections, which are so critical to attaining excellence in property management, are managed like clock-work.

From this flows her attention to property maintenance and rent reviews. One of her key focuses is to maintain her landlord’s property to maximise its return. She values the ‘trust’ her landlords place in her and she strongly believes in applying a sense of fairness to her day to day work.

Jacqui joined Blunts in 2012 and is regarded as a team player and valuable member of staff ensuring that her role in property management is co-ordinated with sales and office management via constant and clear communication. She honed these skills at her previous job in Forestville managing a very select portfolio of property in a small niche-market office. Over her 10 year stint there, she knew everyone and they knew her!

Prior to this, in 1988 Jacqui started work in property management at an office in Coogee near to where she grew up in Randwick.

No doubt she developed her love of the sun and beach side living from her childhood in the Eastern Suburbs. After a hard day at the office after making her last follow up phone call for the day, you will most probably find Jacqui taking Belle, her beloved dog, for a long walk along the beach or possibly sitting by the pool with a glass of Merlot. Jacqui is a very family orientated person with a strong sense of loyalty making her a fierce advocate for her clients