Rhett Bowen

Rhett Bowen

Sales Executive

Rhett’s long time standing in the Real Estate industry is a testament to his abilities, having endured the varying markets over the last three decades.

Born on Sydney’s Northern Beaches his knowledge of the Northern suburbs is extensive. Rhett prides himself with his honesty and integrity and believes that unfortunately these two ingredients are sometimes lacking within this industry.

 Having been the licensee of two Real Estate agencies and managing sales teams  within those companies I believe that Blunts have the right balance with a great team and work ethic,  the local knowledge of this company is hard to deny with a 98 yr history in the area. After purchasing my property through Blunts I quickly realized this is not your typical Real Estate agent. After being asked to work for the company I had no hesitations accepting.

I trust that my experience in marketing and sales can contribute to this well oiled machine

As technology has evolved so has the marketing of properties, now enabling a much broader scope for matching potential purchasers to vendors,  at the end of the day though it still boils down to matching that right property and negotiating the best price for the vendor these are skills only achieved with experience.